Effective Online Marketing Services For Your Business

Effective Online Marketing Services For Your Business

Free Marketing Consultation


Take advantage of our free consulation to find out how we can help your business grow. There is no obligation but we think once you understand what we can do for you, you will decide to hire us. Let us take your business to the next level and beyond, contact us today.

Website Research & Analysis


Before the initial campaign begins, we must first do an in-depth analysis of your website, social profiles and related elements. This will include your competitors’ websites also. This information is required to correctly optimise your website.

Competitive Analysis


During the competitive Analysis phase, we analyse your competitors’ websites carefully. We will research what keywords your competitors are targeting, who links to them, how many blog posts do they have, how strong are their social profiles, what social profiles are they focusing on, what keywords are they paying for on Pay per Click? Are they offering any special offers, a newsletter and anything else that we could use.

Keyword Research

We have been around a long time, since 2014 we have been designing, optimizing and promoting websites for all sizes and types of businesses all over Barbados. From small restaurants, to massive real estate firms. No-matter what you need, we have the skills and knowledge to get you to the top of search engine in Style.

Keyword Research

Content Creation


We will research keywords to target and then create a professionally written blog post, which will be at least 700 words in length. We will then optimize the blog post for the target key phrases. Then we will promote the post in your social profiles and make sure they are linked correctly throughout your website’s structure.


Web Page Optimization And Monitoring

Each page is monitored on a weekly basis to look for possible ways to improve its ranking. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, as well as various software, will also be used to improve the ranking of the keywords on all pages.

Target Keywords


These are the main targets for your campaign. We will not only target your main target key phrases, but they will be used as the main focus. We normally target 2 key phrases per page or blog post.

Initial Ranking Report

We will find out if your current website ranks for any key phrases, if it does then we will provide a report showing the key phrases as well as their current position in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will also get a monthly progress report, so you are up to date on their current position.



We carefully study your website, along with 3 of your main competitors, to find out your weaknesses and their strengths and from this information we create a plan for the optimization phase. We only study the competitors that are ranking higher than you for your main target key phrases. The goal here is to find out what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Once we find out where your



After careful analysis of your website and your competitors websites, we apply over 15 years of search engine optmization knowledge to your website. We create content, or utilize content from your website and fine-tune each page of your webiste, so that it reads well and looks great to search engines and visitors. The main goal here is to make your website interesteing to visitors but also attractive to search engines. We also make sure the internal and external links to and from your website are Google friendly, optimized correctly and are not hurting your site.




After we know your website looks great, loads great and is highly optimized, we then go about the task of promoting your website. The set of tasks involved will depend greatly on the type of business and your target market. We will ask you a detailed set of questions before we start your online marketing campaign, so that we are sure to target the correct market. It’s very important to target the correct market or you could lose a great deal of money and time. The goal is to get the best ROI for your money and that usually means obtaining leads and or sales for your business.

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